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Behind the runway, LAFW, FALL,2021

          The City of Angels has always been a place of imagination, mystery and exhilaration for me… the wide open planes of desert, rocks and ocean welcomed me under the LA sun, everything was all of sudden bathed under that transient golden light.
          4 days of incessant shows, networking and running around were exhausting to the body but enriching to the soul and my eyes that yearned to seek and to capture. 

          My experiences were driven by the people I met; models, designers, photographer, staffs and people from all walks of life were coming and going on that wide open rooftop. It was both surreal and magical, being fully immersed in that flow of encounters. 

          There was a lot of waiting time before each shows, about hours before makeup, fitting and finally the couple seconds of runway. As photographers, we were adventurous and bold, from day 1 as the models arrived on location, there were scatters of mini on location shoots everywhere, there wouldn’t be a corner that you walk into where you don’t see a photographer with a few subjects taking pictures. A creative frenzy it was, everybody was chasing and capturing something…

Images dedicated to these hardworking and open-hearted individuals and beyond

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